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Functionalities that work together, so you don’t have to.

Everything you will need to make sure your apps are being developed and QAed in blazing fast speed.

Screen Recording

Data Capture

Frontend and backend integration


Keep track of everyone's salaries and whether or not they've been paid. Direct deposit not supported.

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Use Devqaly for

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Bug Reproduction

Stay on top of things with always up-to-date bug reports from your team.

Quickly reproduce and debug issues with recorded screens and data.

Feature Testing

Ensure your functionalities matches requirements.

Easily find flaws and why features are not working as they should with Devqaly.

Resource Discovery

Easily identify resource usage with backend SDK.

Whenever a network request happens in the frontend, Devqaly links the resources used in your backend by that network request

Loved by businesses worldwide.

Our software is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it. Simplicity is easy when you just skip tons of mission-critical features.

    • Devqaly was super easy to setup within my app and in a matter of minutes I could understand bugs that were only reproducible in other people's machine.

      Bruno Francisco
      Senior Software Developer at IB
    • Whenever a bug occured, we could share the bug with the whole team and everyone would be in the same page.

      Borna Kapusta
      Senior Ruby Developer at Smart Pension
    • The best part about Devqaly was the way to find un-optimized code. We easily found an N+1 problem in our code base after discovering a bug

      Karlo Čačić
      Senior Software Developer at IB
    • As a QA, it was much easier to show the bugs to developers. The developers had access to all information necessary to debug the issue faster.

      Selma Stipanovic
      Quality Control Analyst at Infobip
    • I was able to find issues in my code without even have to look at my codebase. Simply seeing database transactions I discovered a bug that was quite hard to reproduce.

      Robert Premar
      Senior Software Engineering at CactusCode
    • What I loved about Devqaly is that the whole business team was aware of a bug and why it was happening. Then, transferring it to the developers was a piece of cake.

      Kristijan Milojević
      Business Analyst at Cirtuo
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    • Does Devqaly handle Single Page Applications?

      Yes. Devqaly was developed to support SPA applications first.

    • Can Devqaly handle Side Server Rendered applications?

      Currently you can't connect your backend to your frontend on SSR applications but you certainly can use the frontend SDK to record sessions

    • Can I find bugs before they reach production?

      Yes. You can easily find N+1 database transaction problems before they reach production. We have a feature in the pipeline where we will alert developers if this happens.

    • What does Devqaly record?

      In it's current state, Devqaly records several events in the frontend such as network requests, clicks and many others. In the backend we record logs, database transactions and exceptions.

    • Can I connect my frontend to my backend using Devqaly?

      Yes, you will need to install the Devqaly SDK for your backend and your frontend. We will take care of the rest.

    • Can I self-host Devqaly?

      Yes. We are an open-source project and we plan to stay that way. You can always use our cloud version and support our work by subscribing to a paid plan.

    • Are the videos recorded safely stored?

      Yes, we store these videos in an AWS S3 bucket. The video is only streamed to those that have access within the company.

    • Can I censor some parts of the video being recorded on my screen?

      Currently it is not possible but we have in the roadmap features to allow better privacy for the users recording their screen.

    • Can I join with a personal account?

      Yes, although we will create a company with your first name. This is because we intended Devqaly to be used primarily by enterprise clients.